Ben is the owner and lead photographer of Inspire Photography. Ben's love of photography started back in 2009. With the birth of his first child he developed a strong interest in photographing families and children, capturing their unique personalities through photos. Ben's interest in photography and people continued to evolve and he found himself drawn to connecting with people and discovering those special moments that bring so much joy and happiness . The ultimate reward for Ben is seeing these beautiful moments come to life through stunning wall art.


"When I speak with families & couples it is such a rewarding experience, hearing them rediscover those special moments that mean so much to them. In many cases people are discovering something new about their loved ones and seeing this transformational experience is the ultimate reward!"

Ben is a devoted husband and Father to his wife and 3 children. He loves fishing, adventuring with family and connecting with people from all walks of life.



The Inspire Photography experience is all about YOU!  In a world that is fast paced it so easy to get lost in the busyness of life, forgetting the things that are most important to us - our families and loved ones! The Inspire Photography experience is about slowing everything down and allowing yourself to be truly present for your loved ones. It is about rediscovering all those special things that you love about each other, and even discovering something new that you may not have noticed before. The name, INSPIRE PHOTOGRAPHY came to be because we want you to be inspired every time you look at your beautiful artwork. We want your artwork to be an anchor to those emotions you feel for your loved ones, and continue to inspire you to be present in each others lives, no matter how busy life gets.